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New CD on Cardiovascular Disease & New Treatment
I just received a new CD On Cardiovascular Diseases and a Breakthrough Product that targets them. This is a must read for anyone concerned with our problems,whether it be high colestrol,high blood pressure,blockages or weakened heart from heart attack. If you would like a free copy of this CD write me and I will get one for you. The best thing we can all do is be better informed about things that affect us. This CD will tell you what is really happening to our cardiovascular system and things we should be oncerned with and what we can do about them.

My boyfriend had a heart attack about a year and a half ago- before I met him. We started seeing each other just over seven months ago and he was having problems caused by his medication for his blood pressure. Ie; impotence and a constant lathargic feeling. He bought a blood pressure monitorand stopped taking those tablets but continued to take the others (of which he had about five or six). He stopped smoking and hasn't smoked for six months drinks very little (he is aware that a small amount of certain alcohols is good for you). About two months ago he made the decision to stop taking all of the other tablets (much to my protests and concern). Anyway, all he takes now are asprin and cod liver oil tablets in a morning.

I'm here because over the last few weeks he's been waking up with (what he insists is) back pain and pins and needles in his hands. I try to talk to him about it but he won't have it and ignores the questions saying he has simp-ly laid in bed for too long.

Should I be worried?

After Viagra, Livitra, Cialis what is the ultimate help for erections? If the only useful ED medicines were to be prescription only, millions of men would not be buying online products that were made in India, or trying dosing regimes that arent yet approved. Certain medicines can be given off-licence by registered doctors. Some men take a gamble to try off-licence products, maybe its worth a try instead of the needles.

Like doctors, pharmacies have to have a prescription to provide products for ED. Compounding pharmacies which supply trimix can not provide testosterone in a usable form for patients to the best of my knowledge.

Those giving sports heros access to testosterone are usually prosecuted and loose their pharmacist license.

Another thing related to this is what happened when trimix first came out. There were very few sources for trimix and my uro would not give me a prescription for trimix. I had to buy it from him. I never tested the law but I think that was illegal. I was supposed to slice his extra charge out of the cost of the prescription which ran about $300.

Anything that distroys tissue should be the last resort. Surgery sounds good. Heck even I like the idea of a permi-erection but....

If you need hormones DO IT! I felt like $hit before I went on HRT. My wife is happier with me too!



I heard that same story. My uro told me about a doctor in Kentucky or W. Virginia that does 10 a day in an assembly line. He takes no insurance. Cash
only upfront. You can file for insurance if you want.

There is something to be said for the uro who has done many, many. I talked to a "specialist" in Atlanta who had done 26! A secialist and he had done 26?






Most areas of the country have one guy who does them by the thousands, and exclusively. They say that this makes them the best way to go. Other uro's say those guys are only in it for the cash; very confusing area, although I would assume the guy in the thousands is very good at it.




I'm 39 and my wife is 38. I'd considered one when I was younger but didn't have the nerve. When the ED got worse it seemed a little silly to get one when things weren't working properly. But with things getting back to normal...and the uroligist was already in the same area.... why not? No extra pain and in fact no extra scarring. My wife wondered if they actual did it when she didn't see the normal vasectomy openings. No need to make them when you have the sort of access needed for an implant. Another update...swelling comes and goes as the ice pack gets more annoying to deal with.... I'm still making the effort I just realized I've forgotten to take my 2 Aleve on schedule....about 6 hours ago..... and still no real major pain. I'm now taking 1 Aleve on general principle. Sitting and standing are times when I feel some discomfort. I'm not walking as much like an old time cowboy anymore. Anyime spent on the bed or couch laying down is always without discomfort... and has been for days. It's not a constant discomfort level...ongoing pain was a major fear for me and it's not been there. Staying in one position and lying down <all advised by the urologist to reduce swelling> also meant no pain. Make sure you have enough to keep you busy so boredom doesn't get the best of you. One of the more uncomfortable things recently is when I think about sex. My penis wants to get hard....which feel kinda uncomfortable....sort of a combination of sore and burning. I keep remembering I'm not supposed to do anything for4-6 weeks.... I don't think the doctor would say 4-6 DAYS was close enough. I fear the urges over the next few weeks will be more painful to supress than the actual pain of the past surgery. I'm definitely going to be doing some work related paperwork keep my mind busy. I guess I could consider myself a definite Perv....but what the heck... there's worse things to be I guess. It kept the wife going the last 5 years. It was also a constant assurance that the ED was totally physical as the mind was locked onto the target. I have the admit the next few weeks would be ok if I could lose some interest.... for my own sanity.





Well, That says it all, Charles. It is worth it already. Thanks for telling us the details. Speaking of that, my wife and I enjoy your detaled postings especially since we are considering the same thing. My wife is a detailed oriented person and really appreciates your extra effort. So are wondering of one last detail. What is your age? It really threw me when you mentioned a vasectomy. Are you still in the child making years? I just assumed that you were in your 50s. I am 49 in the Chicago area as you can see in my profile for the group. Just curious. Let us know, we are interested. Ron




I don't have experience with implants, but when I had my cardiac bypass surgeries, the doctors emphasized strongly that we pick a surgeon who did a lot of these procedures. We're talking a few thousand a year. The more they do, the more complications they have dealt with before. As it turned out, the surgeon could not make it to my first surgery and someone else with less experience filled in. I am convinced that if the original surgeon had done the work, I would not have needed the second operation.




My wife walked in while I was typing that last post to see if I was ok. I mentioned I thought the swelling was gone and wanted her to take a look. I dropped my underwear and she had this broad smile and said " Oh yeah...I'm going to like that in 6 weeks" She was really impressed... which...hell...impressed me. It's not even pumped up yet....oh yeah....this is good.